Taihu Lake snow silk scarf snow scarf mother with silk scarf lady luxury brand Shanghai story silk scarf female mulberry silk spring and autumn scarf silk winter shawl Gift Box NEW

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Fabric material: very good, good air permeability, like windproof effect: I haven't tried it, because I haven't encountered windy weather. Ventilation effect: good. There are specially designed armpit ventilation holes. Comfort degree: very good, light, size: appropriate, not dragging. Other features: Portability OK has good sunscreen effect. I'm much whiter when I wear it. Bosch and's outdoor clothes have been worn for some years, and I feel good. Self operated is even more guaranteed. This time, the clothes are made of different materials than those bought before. This time, they are softer and feel better. Worth having. I'll still come back next time. It's very good. There's no damage. It's also good-looking and highly praised! The price is affordable, the quality is strong, and it's a very good shopping. Next time, you'll have a high appearance, high quality, very good. You can get the goods for every penny. The appearance and quality of the material are very high-grade at first glance. I like it very much. The price is very affordable and the cost performance is very high. It's a good thing at par. The fabric material that will be repurchased: light and soft windproof effect: windproof and breathable effect: there are small air holes under the armpit for ventilation and heat dissipation. Comfort: comfortable size: waist design, slim and fit. The clothes are of good quality and comfortable to wear.

24K, moisturizing liquid foundation, lasting beauty, 120ML easy to wear.

[new product] mask anti stuffy artifact mouth and nose makeup washable bracket inner support soft, breathable and non stuffy white light blue new product